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backlink trick 2016

How build Backlink in 2016?i will explain Some tricks for making links for your website,what is Backlink?an easy answer is connecting websites to each others.so question is how to connect your website to other websites?

First thing you do:collect all top websites url which showing on google first page(Related to your blog),Then simply put your url to other site for example i want to connect my website to www.example.com
Now you just put your website url behind www.example.com
Next Step is to submit it to google which you can do easily.just attach all your link to other websites and then simply create a new post and put all url in the post and index it to google.

For example

Get Backlink From Top Social sites
So are you excited to know how to get quality backlinks from social sites like facebook,twitter,linkdin,google+,youtube,pinterest ,instagram,tumbler,flicker reddit and many more

So how to get backlink from facebook
Simply create your website facebook page and then make username of  Facebook page--->your websites URL. For example i created my website page and www.facebook.com/dimplechat.com (dimplechat.com is my username).So you directly get a backlink from facebook by making your username yourwebsitename.com 

So how to get backlink from Twitter
create your website twitter account and then make username of Twitter account-->your websites URL. For example i created my website page and www.twitter.com/dimplechat.com So you directly get a backlink from twitter by Making your username yourwebsitename.com 

Same as twitter and facebook

Just put your website url on instagram on about section

You can repeat same process with youtube,pinterest,tumbler,flicker reddit.
 if you start counting social sites for just backlink,i think you find more than>100 top sites. you create your website/blog social profile and put your website URL on them.
Get Backlink By commenting
As you know, now a days many websites not allow comments which contains URL. But there are many websites which allow comments so you just put your url with quick description

In next post i will explain you 100k facebook page likes in just one day.stay connected to dimplechat.com